Glassell Park / Mt. Washington

Mt Washington

Known for its steep streets and sweeping vistas, Glassell Park and Mt. Washington attract those looking to ditch the hustle and bustle of Downtown and embrace a much quieter and serene setting. Paths to the hillside enclaves are roads less travelled by the general public, but travel through the winding streets and you will find historic buildings, neighborhood parks, and breathtaking vistas. Sixteen architecturally-significant private homes, both vintage and modern, are located in the Mount Washington area. To name a few from the noteworthy 16: The Minister House, The Birtcher-Share House, The Wolford House, The Mauer House, The J.B. Merrill House, The Pilot House, Young Woo House, The Schmalix Resdence, and Treehaven. Other notable places that one may visit in both neighborhoods include: Mt Washington’s Elyria Canyon Park, Eldred Street – Los Angeles’ steepest paved slope, with a slope of 33% grade; the Southwest Museum; and the World Headquarters of the Self-Realization Fellowship. In Glassell Park you’ll find the Rio De Los Angeles State Park and The Van de Kamp Bakery Building. With infinite views, trails, and vegetation, both these mountain villages stand apart from their neighbors. So just lay back and enjoy the view!

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